Nail Neutrals

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Nail polish is seriously such an addiction... well mine at least. I probably have more nail polish than the actual nail salon!  BUT I really do use all of my polishes since I change my nail color at least twice a week!

My current nail color obsession is neutrals, and by neutrals I mean grey. I have learned that when polishing my nails  light pink/nude colors it doesn't look great since I am pale. SO basically it looks like I am not even wearing nail polish haha. That is why I decided that the light grey/taupe colors would look great while working well with my skin tone. 

The colors I am loving right now are from the OPI Brazil collection;  Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, Taupe-less Beach, and I Sao Paulo Over There 

Here are a few tips I use when painting my nails! 

1. When using a light color, do not use a clear base coat, its just extra polish that will make them chip sooner. 

2. When using a dark nail polish, DO use a base coat or else the color will stain the natural nail. (The nails might chip sooner, but better to have healthy nails!)

3. Matte finish top coat is my new fave, but seriously it chips so quickly :(  So I use a regular clear top coat before the matte coat, which makes the polish last longer. 

Have fun and get to polishing:) Xoxo


Long Lush Lashes

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When it comes to beauty and make-up I love mascara! It has taken me years to come up with an effective technique to have natural looking curled eyelashes without the clumps (do to the fact I was not blessed with naturally curled lashes.)  And it has been SO HARD to find the perfect mascara to actually hold them up! 

Here is my tip for making lush lashes.. 

1. First, I use Tweezerman eyelash curler for the lashes. I start by curling the tips of my lashes and working my way backwards towards the eye lid. This gives them more of the natural looking curl than if you just curled the lash line by the eyelid making the lashes stick straight up. 

2. Next, is the first application of mascara; I use CoverGirl Lashblast Volume and repeat twice on both eyelashes. This gives them a good base. (Personally, I use the CoverGirl mascara like a base to add more thickness to the lashes.) 

3. Then, I use the most AMAZING product/ mascara on the market, which is  the Lancome Oscillation-Vibrating Infinite Powermascara  it is just simply amazing. Start by pressing down the oscillating button and slowly work the mascara upwards through the lashes. This opens the lashes up and gives them a lot of height and volume. 

4. The very last step is my secret key in having perfectly curled lashes. I know its weird... but I keep an old CoverGirl mascara that has completed dried out (so I have the brush without the mascara.) Then I start from bottom to top, side to side holding the eyelashes up for 8-10 seconds as if I was actually putting the mascara on, this helps the lashes stay up and have a natural looking curl. I swear this works wonders!!! :)

 Hope these tips work for you! Comment below to let me know!  Xoxo