J. Beverly Hills

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Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE hair products... I probably have way to many to count in my shower right now. And I am always trying new brands to see what works best for my hair. When looking for the right hair care, I want something to extend the life of the color, and products to help with styling by adding body & volume while leaving it feeling super clean for days. (You all know I wash my hair like once a week, okay maybe twice... haha) 

After trying the J. Beverly Hills products I was amazed  how it made my hair feel and look! My hair didn't get oily for days, and the coconut oil was my fave it made my hair feel so soft and smell so sweet! It will be a new favorite of mine, and I recommend trying it out! If you are interested in purchasing the products you can visit J. Beverly Hills to find a salon nearest you that carries J Beverly Hills products, since the products are sold exclusively through salons only!  

*Thanks for sponsoring this post J. Beverly Hills! 


Low Bubble Pony

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I am late on the bandwagon, but apparently the new “it” hairstyle is the high pony bubble! I loved the look, but not the high pony so instead; I decided to try it on a low pony and loved the effect (I felt like Jasmine from Aladdin!) And can I say it takes less than five minutes to do, seriously my new go-to hairstyle!  

1. Pull your hair into a low ponytail at the bottom of your neck and tie it off with elastic. Then grab a piece of hair to wrap it around the pony (to cover the elastic) then secure it with a bobby pin.

2. Softly tease your hair with a brush or comb.

3. Tie elastic around the pony tail about one to two inches down and pull on the bubble to make it more "bubbly." 

4. Continue to make as many “bubble ties” as you like depending on the length of your hair!

Sorry I have been on a hair hiatus, but promise to keep posting more hair tutorials!

 Enjoy! Xoxo





Messy Fishtail

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This is literally one of my favorite go-to hairstyles. Easy, quick and super stylish! 

Step by step:

1. Make sure to brush your hair out. DUH! I love using my wet brush to get tangles out without damaging the hair. 

2.  Divide your hair in two separate sections on one side. [see photos above] To start a normal fishtail braid hold both sections separately, then take a small outer piece of one of the two sections of your hair and cross forward…it doesn't matter which section you start with. Cross the small piece over and add it to the inside of the other section. This piece you have crossed will now become a part of the other section. 

3. Now, you're going to make the exact same cross but this time you will use the other section of hair. So once again take a small piece from the outer part of the section and cross it forward over to the inside of the opposite section. 

4. The way to make it a messy fishtail is to start at the top of the hair closest to the head and do about four large chunky pieces then go into four smaller pieces, then alternate back and forth. (Up to you on how long hair is and how many times you want to alternate.)

5. Loosen each braided piece of the hair for more of a messy look. [shown in the photo above] Then secure the bottom with a clear elastic band. 

Enjoy! Xoxo