My name is Ashley and welcome to my lifestyle blog! Fashion, and beauty has always been a passion of mine and I created this blog as a hobby to share all my likes and interests with you!

Winter Poncho

Pullover: Anthropologie // Jeans: Nordstrom // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Bag: Prada

Something about Ponchos' are my fave! I feel like they are just a comfy chic blanket that you can bring with you anywhere. For me its a must, because i either always carry a poncho or blanket scarf with me since I am ALWAYS cold. Kurt literally thinks I am crazy. I mean we live in Florida, which is always hot and I am still carry something to keep me warm! Haha 

Anthrpologie has been amazing this past month! Every day there is a new deal, and if you have the APP they will send you notifications of the sales going on. Right now everything is 30 percent off, so snag those Ponchos' while you can! I know I am former stocking up on all my candles! 

Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

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