Valentine's Day

Ashley CraigComment

Black Jeans: AG // Shirt: Wildfox // Shoes: BP // Lipstick : Buxom "Apocalypse"

Valentine's Day is probably one of my favorite holiday's! People think that its only a "couples" holiday that is a waste of money, but I totally disagree! I love the true meaning of showing someone you love/care about them! Every year I always get cards, and candy for my family , because its an extra day out of the year that I can show how much I appreciate and love them!. And come on doesn't everyone want to feel loved? ? 

Usually Kurt and I always keep it casual with take-out and a movie night in! Thats why this year's look is super causal, cant go wrong with a ripped skinnies and a fun sweatshirt!

Hope everyone enjoys the day! Here is my top gift guide!