My name is Ashley and welcome to my lifestyle blog! Fashion, and beauty has always been a passion of mine and I created this blog as a hobby to share all my likes and interests with you!


White Jeans: AG Jeans // Blouse: Anthropologie // Kimono: Anthropologie  // Lipstick: Forever 21 "Hot Pink"

Kimono's are a new must have for summer...well at least in my book, it's the perfect statement piece.  They are so lightweight and flowy, which I love and you can pair them with so many different outfits! They are seriously like the new "IT" accessory. And as you can see this whole outfit was purchased at Anthropologie, sometimes is just so much easier to pick a whole outfit out at one store instead of different buying different clothing items and trying to piece them together at home.  

Seriously, how did June just roll right around the corner??? Crazy how time flies when being busy, and this weekend will be no different. I am excited to share I will be attending my favorite event/convention of the year this weekend; Premiere Orlando Hair/Beauty Show, I am lucky enough that my sister is a cosmetologist and is able to bring me with her when she goes, which means I will be purchasing tons of new beauty/hair accessories. There is a point to be made, I promise, and that is I am going to be posting much more beauty and hair tutorials! :) Updates coming soon! 

Thanks for reading! Xo