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Dress: Maje // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Clutch: Henri Bendel // Lipstick: Lancome "Jeweled Pink" 

Wedding season has officially begun! Which means the constant question of "What should I wear?" Well... that's the first question that always comes to my mind. Then I ask myself is it casual, formal, and should I wear a short or long dress? These are just a few more questions to consider when attending a wedding. Usually the type of attire is said on the invitation, but not always! Thats why its important to consider timing of day and location. (Talk about stressful!) 

Luckily this past weekend my family and I attended my cousins wedding, which was formal attire. I would have opted for a floor length dress, but decided on a short chic dress because of my petiteness. 

Below are some of my favorite dresses by category from Bloomingdales

Day to Casual Evening Weddings: 

Formal Weddings: 

Ps. The wedding was so beautiful and breathtaking from how stunning the bride was to all of the flowers, and details of the event! 

Thanks for reading! Xoxo