Business Professional - Express Runway

Ashley Craig1 Comment

Jacket: Express // Pants: Express // Blouse: Express // Shoes: Express

When I was young I always dreamed of becoming that working professional. That was dressed to the nines in posh business suites. Maybe its just me or maybe I watched The Devil wears Prada too much! But I could not wait to start my career, and my favorite part was the way I was going to be able to dress. TO make me feel sophisticated and grown up! 

It was when I actually went shopping for my first suit, that I came to the realization... business clothing is way more expensive than regular day-to day wear! It wasn't until I found Express business wear, and have been hooked ever since. They have by far the best quality professional clothing/suits and they last forever! The best part about all their clothing is its all wrinkle free, which is amazing when your working so much and do not want to do laundry:(  Express has really defined my working career making me feel chic, while staying on a budget! 

I am going to be REAL and say dressing up for work was fun, but now working from home and wearing yoga pants 24/7 I don't know if I could ever want to go back dressing up! (Although, I did feel very IMPORTANT wearing this outfit..haha)

Thanks for reading! Xoxo