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Back to Basics - J. Crew

Blouse: J.Crew // Jeans: AG // Flats: J.Crew // Lipstick: NARS 

Photography: Faith Holden

As I have been recently cleaning out my closest, I have realized I need more basic staple pieces that I can keep and re-wear that will last, and not go out of style. After cleaning I found that most of the clothes I was getting rid of were one-time "fad" pieces, which makes me really sad because that I could have used that money to purchase more basic items with greater longevity!

In this week's post I have narrowed it down to three staple closet pieces. 

1. Basic white tee/blouse! (This is a MUST!!!) Invest in a nice shirt that will last and can be dressed up or down. I wear a white shirt at least once a week, weather layered, casual or dressy, AND that's when I decided to invest in a nice shirt that would last, especially after so many washings...haha.

2. Ripped Jeans (It took me a good year to find the perfect ripped jeans that I loved! Do not SETTLE!) I was so desperate to find a pair that I bought just an "okay" pair and barely ever wore them. You will know when you find the ones that fit your personality. I dislike too ripped, so these AG ones were perfect.

3. Colorful Flats (I have basic color flats, black & tan, etc. But, I never wanted to go outside that range of colors.)  I saw these red pointy flats, and was timid on what I outfits I would wear with them, but once I took them home I found out that they go with literally EVERYTHING! It's a great fall to winter color that really makes the outfit pop!

Comment your favorite staple clothing below! 


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